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The Tafuna Family Health Center is located amidst the hub of the western side of Tutuila island and home to the Tafuna Satellite Pharmacy. The satellite pharmacy is conveniently situated inside the health center and operated through a collaboration of the AS Community Health Centers and the LBJ TMC Pharmacy. We have a friendly staff of Pharmacists and Pharmacy technicians ready to assist you with your prescription needs.

Same day prescriptions & Refills

The satellite pharmacy offers same day prescription fills for new prescriptions and next day pick ups for refills to chronic maintenance medications. To request a refill prescription, patients have two options; call-in or email. To call-in a refill, patients are asked to call the pharmacy call center located at the main LBJ pharmacy in Faga’alu using the telephone numbers listed below. To request a refill via email, send an email to [email protected] and provide your name, hospital number, name of the medication to be refilled and where (location) you would like to pick up your refill.

Call center telephone numbers for Refill requests:

1.ASTCA: 684-782-3391, 684-782-2296

2.BLUESKY: 684-258-3462

3.MAIN HOSPITAL LINE: 684-633-1222 ask for the pharmacy

To email your refill request, send an email to [email protected]

Refill requests before 4pm (Mon-Fri) will be ready for pick up the NEXT business day.  You can either pick up at Tafuna Satellite or at LBJ Hospital Pharmacy.  Refills not picked up after 5 days will be returned and you will need to place another order.

Medication Refills for Remotely located AS CHCs

Patients who receive care from our community health centers in Ta’u and Ofu Manu’a and Aunu’u may be eligible for medication assistance under our CRMP program. For more information, please contact your community health center in those locations.

340-B Supported Clinic Services

Manumalo Le Alofa Clinic for RHD

Our 340-B medication discount program provides free medication for children and adults with Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD). The program allows our clinic to provide medication each month to prevent complications from RHD. For more information on how to enroll in this clinic, please contact our RHD program at xx.

Tobacco Cessation Clinic

Smoking continues to be the single most important modifiable risk factor for chronic disease. If you are a smoker or know of someone who is interested in quitting, please refer them to our clinic to enroll in this service. The program provides free nicotine replacement therapy products to patients who sign up. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRTs) have shown to be effective in smoking reduction when coupled with cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

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