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Behavioral Health Services

Our VISION is: To provide high-quality comprehensive community-based behavioral health care services to clients and their families, through a holistic approach incorporating the values of respect, integrity, cultural awareness, and compassion, that will enhance the person’s quality of life and wellness.

As a client and patient of ours, our MISSION is: To provide you with effective and engaging behavioral health treatment and prevention services to reduce mental health and substance use conditions and to empower you toward positive health outcomes that lead to recovery and resilience.

With our mission and vision in mind, we are here to help you achieve your treatment goals and learn skills that will allow you to develop healthy behaviors that result in positive social, emotional, and mental well-being.  We offer an array of services that enhances the quality of life such as Anger Management, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Independent Living Education, Motivational Change Talk, Parenting Skills, Psychoeducation, and Social Skills-Building.

When it comes to ensuring behavioral health wellness, we want our patients to feel safe. To learn more about our programs or our facility, please contact 219 and have them transfer you to Behavior Health Services.

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